Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lake Moultrie Has Alligators

Been wondering where we've been?
I left my camera cord in our storage unit in Connecticut, so updating our blog has been quite a challenge.

We loaded up these sweet faces:

Finally can do a spout!

Notice Nora's cute little camo outfit.
And headed to the woods!
Well truthfully it was the lake.  It has been a very long time since we've vacationed with my Dad, so we were excited to visit the Short Stay on Lake Moultrie.

We scoped out the entire place.

We spent time together.

We played on several awesome playgrounds.

Nora is a playground professional.
We went to the "beach" a few times.  Of course that means sunscreen...

Just to the left of my foot is Millie's tiny foot print.
It's about as big as my heel.  I only wear a size 7.

Aaron, Xan and the girls were the only ones brave enough to go into the freezing water.
Shortly after this picture was taken the girls were ready to get out.

Aaron kept swimming until Xan noticed an alligator keeping an eye on Aaron.
Yep.  A real alligator.  With just his head sticking out, staring straight at Aaron.
He decided he'd gotten his fill of swimming right about then.

We had a great time, and I'm sad to see I didn't get any pictures of my Dad.

I'd say on this vacation we learned at least two important things:
1.  Lake Moultrie has alligators
 2.  Swim diapers are a must for swimming.

Wish I had a video of her trying to walk around with that thing on!

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