Saturday, July 5, 2014

June (Warmth and Carolina)

We loved our week in South Carolina in June. The highlight of the trip was being at the temple with Grammy and Gramps on Saturday, but unfortunately my phone died while I was in the temple so I didn't get a single picture the whole day.

We enjoyed hanging out with all the grandparents in their homes:

(Chickens at Lala's)
(Wildflower walk at Lala's)
(Nora's swing set at Lala's)
(Aquarium fun with Grandpa and Grandma)

(Feeding stingrays)
(Celebrated my birthday at my Dad's, and Nora tried to steal my wish!)

On my actual birthday, my mom made a delicious breakfast complete with a crepe cake!

That night I had one of the best birthday parties I've ever had! My Mom and sister worked hard to fulfill my 13-year-old wish list, including a rainbow chip Barbie cake.

Also thanks to Betsey (Buck's sister) we were able to play an old classic board game, Dream Phone. The highlight of the party was a fabulous round of Truth or Dare. 
(Bekah licking a bar of soap)

(Some of my dear friends)
Amy, far right, brought some very old pictures of us from 4th great on. Here are a few gems:
(Yep, that's ME and Amy)
(Me and Amy again)
I'm so thankful to have great old friends that are loving, supportive, and good sports. What a blessing it is to have dear friends, even if you only see them every few years.

With the weather so nice this month, and few things scheduled I've really felt like taking the kids places. We spontaneously entered Millie in the Swedish Day's (Geneva's big festival) Children's Parade. She loved decorating her bike, but her favorite part was riding in the parade and ringing her little bell the whole time. It was adorable. Louis and I walked beside her.

Afterwards we enjoyed playing some little games in booths, eating yummy food and watching some dancers perform. Normally I would wait for Buck to do something like this, but I'm so glad I didn't. We tried to go back up on Saturday with Buck and got completely stranded at the Mall in a horrible rain storm.

I also braved a major crowd at a local restaurant for Millie and her little friend Paige to meet Elsa and Anna. When we showed up there was a 3 hour wait to eat, and no hope of seeing them unless you ate. After a while they came out to appease the (huge) crowd outside, and thanks to some aggressive Mommy tactics I was able to get the girls in a picture with Anna and Elsa. I don't think they'll ever know what it took for those pictures, but they were so happy. After the pictures we quickly got out of there and ate at Wendy's. Millie and Paige were a huge hit as they were obviously the only one dressed as princesses there. Paige's Mom made the girls matching Elsa capes for the event, and they were huge hits. Louis often bring it to me for him to wear. Did you know he like to sing "Let it go?"

We celebrated our 7th anniversary, and besides more lava cakes (hey, we like chocolate!) it was an average Sunday for us. It's been a wonderful 7 years. Did you know we share an anniversary with my Tutu and Rara?

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