Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Southern Girls Love To...

(Just like our old friend Ouiser on Steel Magnolias)


Beach, beach, beach

and Bite!

Well maybe just this Southern Belle.

Millie got four teeth finally with three more about to make their debut.  I'm blaming the biting on that.  Truthfully I am mostly who she bites, but she has bitten Buck (when he tried to buckle her in her high chair, bless his heart).  The sweet girl still doesn't get "No" yet, or she has us all fooled at least.  What's a Momma to do?  She is two Sunday's from entering nursery.  I am seriously considering making her a button that says "Caution:  I bite."

Enough complaining.  She's still the apple of my eye, even with the bite marks on my arms.  She still runs into my arms (I get down on the floor with my arms open, and sometimes she'll run across the room to jump into them) which melts my heart.  She's obsessed with dogs.  She says "dog" all the time, and then breathes like a dog (you know, like when you stick your tongue out and pant).  She says "Hi" and "Bye" while waving to everyoneI think it's adorable, but I keep running into those grumpy people that ignore her.  Rude.  She also says "duck" and "cracker."

This girl is doing great and running at her own pace.  She's still so tiny I'm able to put her in some of her summer clothes from last year.  Thankfully girls clothing is so forgiving she can wear the stuff intended for this year as well.
We're soaking in the last of our vacation here in the Carolina's.  I've very much enjoyed living down a gravel road all summer, completely surrounded by woods.  Even more so, I've enjoyed catching up with family and  so many long lost friends 

I'm ready though.  There is something so nice about having your own home.  You can make messes wherever you like, live on your own schedule, and just be lazy easier.  Just in case you're wondering, we still haven't found a place to live in Connecticut.  No place yet, but we're moving "in" in two weeks.  Haha!