Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Dad thought Millie looked so darling in her dress he insisted on carrying her into church.
Or maybe he was hurrying me along. I'm not sure.

We still haven't figured out the whole "family picture" thing out yet.
Our girl was looking so grown up in her pretty dress we decided to try her sitting beside us in the church pew.
This is, of course, our reenactment. What any proud parents would do, right?

Look at that cute baby.

Who me?

Just to note, these pictures were actually taken a few weeks ago. I'm still playing catch up.

Big family news: Buck got a job offer from PWC in Charlotte and will be starting next September. Millie and I are so proud.

We're off to Utah today. Wish us luck!

Baby Doll

Did you see the newest American Girl doll?

Meet Millie
For the full extent:

And now I'll work backwards.

How does it look, Mom?

Joe Dirt-esk?


What have I gotten myself into?

Oh I love my baby. I know what you're thinking. Maybe you should lay off the Toddlers & Tiaras! We'll worry when Millie has a flipper and a spray tan.
So happy to have this baby girl.

Millie's First July 4th

And doesn't she look like she loved it?

We took Millie to her first Tega Cay Birthday Parade. Garrett was kind enough to hold her.

We also had a get-together with our family. We are so good at posing haha.

Millie spent the weekend being excited


and ready to dance!

This girl is always on the move.

She still grabs my necklace while she eats.

I think it's adorable.

My step-sister Ashley was sweet enough to push Millie to our little fireworks show.

Millie LOVES eating her hands.

We had a great time doing fireworks with my Dad.

Photographing fireworks is so hard!

Obviously it is way past the 4th of July, and I'm sorry for the delay in posting. Millie and I are currently in Florida with my family for Vacation, and haven't had a computer. I've loaded and organized my photos on my brother's computer so I will try and post a new post each day for the next few days.

Stay tuned and enjoy our little baby doll!