Monday, May 31, 2010

6 Months!

Can you believe it?

On May 24th, Millie turned 6 months old!

Our little girl is growing up, and we love it.

These days we make sure Millie gets to spend lots of time with family. Unfortunately I am not very good at photographing all of these visits.

Below is a sweet picture of Grammy and Gramps entertaining our little baby doll.

I've uploaded 6 new videos on our youtube channel (click here). Some of the videos include Millie's first beach experience and her first play-dates. Enjoy!

Millie doesn't go back to the doctor until the end of June, so we aren't sure of her height and weight these days. We believe she weighs over 10 pounds, and may even be 11!

Millie now wears 0-3 month (or just 3 month depending on the brand) clothes.

Size 1 diapers barely fit, so she officially wears size 2 (we're just using up the last of the 1s)

Yesterday Millie went to all 3 hours of church for the very first time! She was great, but talked way too much through Sunday School. Wonder where she got that from?

This girl is so strong! She is wonderful at holding up her head, and loves standing when she is really angry.

She smiles like crazy, and is close to laughing. It melts my heart.

She is still sleeping through the night wonderfully, and eats 6 times a day. She eats a steady 3 1/2-4 ounces at each feeding. Her reflux is still hanging around, but we keep her medicated and happy for the most part.

Have I mentioned we love being with her? I love being her momma. I am amazed by her everyday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Worst Mom ever.

I haven't blogged for a while, so this is a "catch up" post of Millie's adventures.

We'll start with the good, then we'll cover the bad.

The Good:

I had my first Mother's Day. It was so fun!

Millie wore one of my favorite dresses in honor of me. She's so thoughtful.
(Thanks Chrys, for the breathtaking dress)

My baby daddy (and my Brother-in-law) made dinner for my sister and I. It was a wonderful treat!

Buck's family took us to the Isle of Palms for Millie's first beach trip.

She loved it!

If you look closely, you can see the sand all around her eyes. She didn't even mind.

Did I ever mention she falls asleep to ocean waves in her sound machine normally?

Like butter in her daddy's arms next to those waves.

We took her to Ben & Jerry's for the first time.

She didn't even mind not sharing my cone.

The Bad:

Millie may have enjoyed the beach a little too much. Bless her heart, I did what I could. I put on sunscreen, a huge hat, sunglasses, and kept her under an umbrella almost the whole time! Honest, I didn't mean to.

Millie got sun burnt. Not just a little color either. One side of her face got really burnt. Her skin even blistered up. See what I mean? Worst Mom ever. I told you.

After seeing Millie go through so much pain to save her life, I never want her to feel unnecessary pain (like every mother). I especially don't want to be responsible for this unnecessary pain.

I haven't had the heart to blog and share this update with y'all, so I've been avoiding it all. We've been in hiding at my Dad's house, and thankfully she is almost all better. After having those yucky stickers on her face for so long, I was really looking forward to her sweet cheeks being clear!

I warned you. Worst Mom ever.

Actually I'm feeling tons better now that she's better and not in pain anymore.

Oh well, I'm sure it won't be my last mistake.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free At Last!

After a few visits to the doctor this week...

Millie is now cordless! We absolutely love carrying her all around without having to tote a tank too. Nap time is so much easier.

And yes, I made her wear her sunglasses to nap. You never know when you might encounter bright light.
Well maybe I just wanted to try them out since her ears are free from the tubing.

Now that Millie is cordless, we can go anywhere.
We decided to enjoy one of my hometown's specialties one morning...
strawberry pickin'!

Millie wasn't so sure I knew what I was doing.

There were so many strawberries that our basket was pretty much full after 10 mins.
We know better than that though. To really get your moneys worth you have to leave with your basket overflowing. This takes strategy.

Millie was so excited to run into her cousin Garrett pickin' strawberries too! Well maybe she slept through that part, but I'm sure she would have been excited.

Being a parent isn't "easy," but it is wonderful. Even at 4:15 AM when Millie starts to growl. Sometimes she asks to eat and sometimes she holds off for a few more hours. When she really starts crying there is nothing like getting out of bed and seeing her face for the first time that day. She's so sad, and in a sort of panic. I always start off a little grouchy getting out of the bed. Then when I peer into her bed a big smile comes across my face. I love seeing whatever new crazy thing she has done (kicked off her blanket, lost her arm in her sleeve, turned herself sideways...). She's always upset until she sees me (or Buck). Its like a calm comes over her once we make eye contact. My heart swells and I think, "wow, I am so glad I got up. She really needed me."

I'm starting to see what this "feeling needed" business is all about. Heaven help me when Millie goes away to college.

I love being her momma.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Very Special Weekend

On Saturday Millie was given a name and a blessing by her father.

It was a very special day for us, especially now that we know a little more how Heavenly Father sees this little girl.

All Saturday morning as I was getting Millie ready I couldn't get these lyrics out of my head:

Sent to this earth, you were saved through the ages for this day and time.
Child of great worth, child of promise, daughter of the divine;
Pure and holy, in a little white dress
You were held in a circle and you were blessed.
And the Father looked down and the angels surrounded that place.
They knew the truth—all that you could do
And you will too if you have eyes to see
What heaven sees in you

What is this girl meant to do? Can I teach her what she needs to know? I love wearing the "Millie's Mom" title. I'm so proud of this little girl.

This weekend was also special because...

Millie's cousin, Nora was also blessed too!

Nora is a little better at these photo shoots.

We had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of family! Here are just a few of the pictures:

My wonderful mother made them matching smocked dresses.

My father is so happy to have these girls to hold finally, but...

no one loves babies more than my step-mom Vivian!

Millie loved meeting Grammy and Gramps

and seeing Buck's dad, too!

Millie and Nora might not have enjoyed this stroller ride too much, but my awesome cousin Ruby sure did!

Millie's baby blessing was wonderful! I enjoyed the actual blessing, the chance to dress Millie up in a 4 foot long dress, all of the amazing food, and of course showing her off to our family and friends.

We are so thankful for all the friend and family that came to meet Millie. We look forward to making our rounds so everyone gets to see our little miracle first-hand.