Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Boy!

Millie is so excited!

We put together a cute video, just in case you missed it via email and Facebook:

Truthfully Millie was excited about the balloons and has no idea we're having a baby.  Oh well, we've got plenty of time.

We found out on Tuesday and it's taken a while for "boy" to sink in.  I'm in girl mode and never really anticipated that answer!  Crazy, right?  I mean the odds are equal.  To be honest I was a bit scared at first but thanks to all of the supportive feedback from family and friends I'm feeling pretty confident and excited.

I've always thought dressing a little boy to my taste would be a fun challenge, and I'm pretty excited to put a hurting on classic boy clothes with knee socks, Baby Gap, and Janie and Jack.  I'm not sure where to begin with the nursery, but thankfully I have Pinterest.

I've been asked several times if we will be naming him after Buck.  His full name is Landrum Earle Bagwell IV, so this boy could be the 5th.  I'm leaving that decision completely up to Buck since he is the only one that knows what it's like to have that name yet go by something else completely unrelated. Buck's Dad goes by Landrum, and we aren't the biggest fans of Earle for a little baby so a nickname would be necessary.  Right now Buck is leaning towards giving him a new name.

Tomorrow I go in for my little surgery (cerclage).  I'm mostly nervous about not eating for that long, but  I'm not sure what to expect for recovery.  My heart cath was supposed to be no big deal but knocked me out for days.

There you have it...we're having a baby boy!