Thursday, January 19, 2012

Millie's New Shirt

Isn't she the cutest?  She was pretty excited to hold this special piece of paper, and luckily we snapped a picture just before she crumpled it.  Fear not, we will get plenty more.

So there is our big news.  We are thrilled for Millie to have a playmate, and are crossing our fingers for another girl (Millie has enough clothes for twin girls actually!) for practical reasons but would not be disappointed with a little boy.

I'm only a wimpy 7 1/2 weeks along (due date of September 2nd) but feel it so much already.  I have to say 7 1/2 instead of just 7 because I literally feel the pain of pregnancy (nausea) all day every day so I have to give myself credit for surviving half the week.

By surviving I mean laying on the couch while Millie watches Dora, Sesame Street, Arthur, Angelina Ballerina, Curious George, and anything else she wants.  I did figure out that if I put something on for me to watch then she forgets the TV and plays with her toys.  That's been my big accomplishment so far.  We occasionally do puzzles or color, too.  She eats a steady stream of whatever I can grab in the kitchen that doesn't make me gag and I can get while holding my breath.  Believe me, that really limits our choices.  Thankfully Buck handles dinner so she isn't completely deprived of decent food.

It's already so easy to feel like a bad Mom, but I find it especially easy these days.  I'm not too hard on myself since Buck has done a good job of picking up much of my slack, and I am thrilled Buck's Mom is coming to visit for her birthday to help my poor Millie.  It helps me get through those really hard things I have to do like cook her eggs.  I just think "I can cook her an egg this once, even though it might make me throw up.  Angie will do it when she gets here."  Kind of a light at the end of the tunnel I guess.  She's only here for a few days but I'm pretending it is a month.  I feel even more wimpy recruiting help, but I just feel so bad for Millie it helps me get over my pride.

Ok enough complaining.  I'm sure you're dying to know about my doctor.  I've been seeing a specialist in Stamford that has an entire wall (floor to ceiling) in his office covered with awards, plaques, certificates and diplomas all from Yale.  Now I know that doesn't automatically make him the greatest, but it sure eases my mind a bit.  I've already been to the doctor 3 times (and had two ultrasounds with another one scheduled for next week) and had ton of blood work done.  They started testing me a few months ago for diseases (in the hopes of finding an explanation for Millie's prematurity) but I've got a squeaky clean bill of health.  Hooray and boo all at once I guess.

I had a big sit down with my doctor (there is only one at this practice) and went over these results in detail as well as my medical history.  I loved it.  Anything I said he took as a valid concern and didn't dismiss anything.  I forgot to mention a couple of things but plan on it next week, especially since he is so open to my ideas and concerns.  He basically doesn't think I have an incompetent cervix (which is also what my Utah doctors said) but there are so many reasons a cervix can be incompetent that it is still possible...though we've ruled out 90% of those reasons.  He would still like for me to consider getting a cerclage (not a McDonald, but I can't remember the name of the one).  He would also like for me to take weekly progesterone shots.  On top of everything I just said, he would like for me to come in weekly (probably starting at 20ish weeks) so they can monitor me for signs of preterm labor.  So basically I'm pretty sure I'll have a full term baby though we don't know the reason still for Millie's premature birth.  I've got a little while to research it all and determine what we should do.

There's the nitty-gritty.  Buck's job ends in June so at the very least we'll be switching insurances, but at most we'll be moving somewhere else.  Also since I'll be visiting my doctor every week (not to mention it might be risky) we won't be leaving for a summer vacation.  There, that's everything.  We are really excited even though September is so far away.  Oh I've decided I won't be sick past 12 weeks.  It's decided so it will happen.  Power of positive thinking, right?  I was sick until 20 or 21 weeks with Millie, but not this time.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Love Christmas

But then again, who doesn't?

Since we were missing all the lights at Temple Square this Christmas season, we decided to find out where the awesome lights are in our new neck of the woods.

We were lucky enough to find (through a very quick google search) The Setti Christmas Village just down the street from us!

Seriously this is at a house in a neighborhood:

You park on the street, get out, and roam around the elf village.

Someone was obsessed with all the little chairs.

The night before we headed south I remembered we never got a picture of our Christmas tree this year. Millie tried her best to hold still for a picture.

Take a good luck at those P-jams.  We woke up extra early to drive to South Carolina on Friday.  We loaded the last few things in the car, turned it on to warm up,waiting to grab Millie very last to hopefully keep her asleep.  Well would you believe that poor girl got sick sometime during the night?  We found her covered in throw up.  That always makes you feel like a good Mom.  So with that we started a load of laundry and warm bath for our sweet girl.  We were knocked off schedule a little bit, but no big deal.  She did great for most of the drive, only throwing up once.  It turns out the disposable container you get from lunch meat is perfect for toddler throw up.  She such a trooper, and other than throwing up once never even acted sick.

On Christmas Eve we quickly visited my Grandparents in Columbia (just quick enough to exchange gifts-we're so greedy!) then went to Buck's family Christmas party in Camden.  We ate yummy food and enjoyed all the fun company.  Why didn't I get any pictures?

Christmas morning we spent with my Dad and Step-Mom in Summerville.  The girls had a blast playing together and ganging up on the dogs.

Showing off her chocolate and jewelry Santa brought her.

Loving Grandpa.

Where are my child's pants?
I'm not sure we could have survived the trip without our favorite apple products.

Nora's so sweet.

After Christmas morning (and a yummy Christmas lunch) at my Dad's we headed back to Fort Mill for Christmas Dinner with Buck's family.  Somehow Santa found us again there.  We opened up oodles of gifts.  In fact my hands were so busy opening I didn't get any pictures!  Millie loved all her gifts, but on this particular night she refused to take off the dress-up shoes her cousin Jocie got her.

The next day we woke up early to head over to my Mom's house for our third Christmas!  I know you won't believe me, but Santa found us again.  I mean that literally.  We literally opened three stockings over the course of two days--each!  That's just the stockings.  We opened crazy amounts of presents, too.  Millie got a few more pairs of dress-up shoes from my Mom, which have been lovingly worn every day since then.

Nora is insanely good at running in high heels.  It is incredible.  If you can't tell from the poor pictures, these girls move fast once the fancy shoes go on.  Its hilarious, especially when they are pushing the baby stroller around.

As if this post wasn't already long enough, I might as well share with you (ok, brag) some of the gifts we got:

For me, this was the year of appliances and bags.  I got an ice cream maker, food processor, wireless printer, and a bunch of various cute bags (purses, totes, etc).  I also finally got a copy of South Pacific and can hardly wait to teach Millie how to "wash that man right out of her hair."  My most un-expected, yet very exciting gifts I got was a bungee for Millie's kid-sized trampoline I got off of Freecycle.  The bungee was no good, so I've been wanting one.  I'm thrilled to have it, and expect Millie to take out her wiggles on it this winter.

Buck's Christmas is going to sound kind of boring, but he is a very piratical guy and loved it all.  He got black dress shoes (did you know Nike bought Cole Haan so now their shoes have "air max technology?), a suit, dress shirts, an electric razor and a new-to-him Driver.  We both also got some things for our ipads and computer.  Most notable was the ipad head-rest car mount.  Buck says that was something "we didn't know we wanted" but love.

Millie ended up with a baby doll, her first Vera Bradley purse (that we call her diaper bag since it holds her doll accessories currently), a princess scooter, a princess pop-up tent, a new winter wardrobe, a sushi, cookie, and sandwich play food set for her kitchen, a tea set, a kid-sized stand mixer for her kitchen, little plates, mixing bowls, and other kitchen goodies.

Guess what?  That wasn't even everything.  I bet you're wondering right about now how we fit it all in our car.  Well, we barely did.  And yes, we're having to go through all of our stuff to make a Goodwill sweep to fit it all in our house.  Out with the old, in with the new.

Overall our Christmas was busy, fun, full of food, gifts and family, and we loved it.  We hope you loved yours, too.