Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 Months: Big and Scary!

(it's a little busy, but her Barbie is beside her)


I know it's not October yet, but when it comes to PJ's that fit and books that need to be eaten, we don't discriminate!

This is Millie trying to attack Pim (panda that teaches Italian)
We don't have A/C, so pardon the "diaper" only pics. I promise Millie has cute clothes :)

This should give you a little idea of how much Millie likes to keep her shoulders back.

This is more what we're going for :)

See this?

And this?
And this sweet face?

Who me?

Yes, YOU!
Apparently it's no longer safe to leave your napkin anywhere near her.
I'm positive she ate a good bit of it, too.

It might be scary how big she's getting, but she's still super sweet.

Sweet enough to cuddle with me at her first professional sporting event!

Here we are at Rio Tinto Stadium watching the Real Salt Lake Soccer Team.

What? You still don't think Millie can be scary?

Watch this little video. At the end she'll give you a taste of her favorite scream.

I say favorite because she loves to do it while shopping, at home, and even at church.

As a matter of fact, Millie let out a few screams during Sunday School and scared the baby next to us to the point of tears!

She gets camera shy, so this video doesn't do her scream justice :)

Some updates:
  1. Millie now eats avocado, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, and of course rice cereal. She's also tried bread and Cheerios. She only managed to eat half of one Cheerio though.
  2. We finally got in touch with the early intervention people here in Utah. We had a caseworker and nurse come over to evaluate Millie. They were really impressed with her, but recognized she needed some help with her back-arching and head-scooting. We're waiting for a therapist to come by and evaluate, then we'll know if we "qualify" for help.
  3. Good news! I've had an extremely hard time being a working Mom. I could almost write a book about how hard it is. My heart goes out to anyone that has to do it (if they would rather not). As a result of my hard times, I asked for permission from work to work from home two days a week...and they said "yes!" So now I'll be able to do things around my home, keep my sanity, and keep my job.
Overall things are great in the Bagwell home!

P.S. Millie is ten months old :) Only two months left to plan her first big party!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feed Me!

Our little one is so independent these days.
She's been holding her bottle for a while, but now we can pretty much hand her the bottle and walk away! We do stop by half way to burp her, but this little lady handles the rest all by herself.

Here's a little video to prove it. She loves to smile while she's eating.

Her first food (other than rice cereal) was peas. I love peas, so naturally any daughter of mine would love them too.

We thought she enjoyed them until...

we gave her sweet potatoes. Now we know what love is!

See for yourself:

Last weekend we got Millie's crib bedding (thanks again Ahbi, for making it).

Millie loves playing with her toys all by herself. She especially loves her bunny and baby doll.

We haven't finished decorating, so you'll have to just enjoy looking at her crib for now.
Isn't the bedding beautiful? And my sweet cousin, Michelle, made Millie those letters back in March or April. I think they go wonderfully.

Love the crib skirt.

Millie loves it all too.
That's a Hello Kitty Easter Bunny she's chewing on. She's already into Hello Kitty and I couldn't be more proud.

Since our darling Millie is already 9 months old, I am working on her birthday party. It will be Hello Kitty themed and I'm so excited. I got the idea from my cousin Lucy. All summer long Lucy kept telling me Millie made the cutest cat noises, even when she was crying.
Yesterday Millie started eating green beans and has enjoyed those more than peas. Tuesday we're starting her on carrots. It sounds so crazy, but it is really exciting for me!
We worked out the formula situation by buying it from Costco. It is really reasonably priced! We don't have a membership, but we have some willing friends which is basically the next best thing.
I'm waiting (still) for the therapist to call me back. The plan is for her to come do an evaluation of Millie to see if she needs any help. Last night I saw a little girl walking/crawling around on all fours like Mogley from the Jungle Book and it scared me a little bit. It was obvious the little girl was old/big enough to walk but couldn't. That's just one example of what could eventually be Millie's case, so hopefully this therapist will help us catch anything we can and teach us anything we need to do to help Millie. I'm still a little worried about her back being so tight. She's "calling me on Monday" so stay tuned.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy Weekends

We have been busy.

Last Saturday I had two work events and a ward activity.

Since I work for the Boy Scouts, I get to attend some pretty cool events.

This event is called the Milk Bottle Regatta. Scouts basically build rafts out of milk jugs, then put them in the water, load on them, and race one another. It was awesome to watch.

It was so fun to show Millie off as well :)

We also participated in the World's Longest Pinewood Derby.

This is "our" car's race.

We won. Thanks for letting me borrow Flurry, Riley. It made us proud.
This wasn't exactly over the weekend, but still noteworthy.

I've been worried about Millie's progress with sitting up, so I needed to find a way to keep her interested in sitting at all.

I went to the library and checked out a bunch of baby DVD's. It turns out she isn't a big fan of any Baby Einstein just yet, but she can't get enough of a panda named Pim that speaks Italian.

Today, (yes, I'm already posting!) we went to the 12th Temple in Utah. We made the drive last night to Monticello (near Moab, if you are familiar) and wrapped up our trip this morning.

This is our first picture of our little family at the Temple :)

Although we didn't eat here, we thought a quick picture would be appropriate.

When we got home, we found this sweet scene:

Tara and Ian made it! Tara is my cousin from Hawaii that is in Utah doing this art thingy in the boon docks with her husband, Ian. At least that's what I think they are doing.

We haven't seen them yet thanks to Ian's cousin's wedding reception, but we're excited to meet Ian and spend some time with them.

Who knows? Maybe I'll post again this week.

By the way, Millie's cousin Jocelyn (Buck's sister's baby) arrived yesterday. So yes, it has already been a big weekend.