Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little LEB

He's here!  We love him to pieces, and spend all our free time adoring him.  That should explain our delay in sharing the great news and darling pictures.

For fun I thought I'd throw in one of my last pregnant pictures.  I am so glad to no be pregnant anymore.  I could write a book about how wonderful it is, but you're here to see my baby so lets move on.
Hanging out with my cousins.  We loved living with them.
Allow me to introduce Louis Emery Bagwell:

I had to include this picture.  I hope it captures the pure bliss and amazement I was feeling.

Here is proof that he weighed almost 8 pounds...which obviously is gigantic when compared to his big sister.

We are proud parents.

I can't believe how different he looks now.  I think he's handsome just like his daddy.

He's got quite the fan base, too.

Millie moved her rocker like that.  She loves "baby woo-wis".

My sweet cousin Lily.  I just love this picture.
 We literally didn't officially decide on his name until after he was born, and actually chose his middle name on a whim as we were announcing his birth to our family.  We knew we wanted to pay tribute to Buck's great name (Landrum Earle Bagwell IV) but didn't want to name him LEB V and have to come up with a nickname, so we though keeping the LEB initials was a good idea and Louis Emery it was.  We call him Louis and Louie, so feel free to do the same.

We love this little boy.  I know I will love all of my children, but it honestly surprised me how quickly I became attached to him.  I'm sure a lot of it had to do with my more traditional birth experience this time.  I loved Millie right away, but I gave myself a little bit of time to get attached to her.  It took a while before I could touch her and it took forever before I could provide her any sort of care.  Louis needed me right away and I'm so thankful for that.

I was so nervous about having a boy.  I've been stuck in Barbies/Dress Up/Tea Parties gear my whole life, I just wasn't sure what I'd do with a boy.  You know what?  I still don't know what I'm going to do with him but I don't care.  For now I'm going to rock him, sing to him, feed him and let his big sister stick (and pull out) his pacifier in his mouth.  It's great.

Millie is really a good sport about everything.  Having her visit me in the hospital was a nightmare for everyone, especially my Aunt Karen since I stayed there but Millie left each day.  Millie and I are very attached to each other.  It was really hard to watch her freak out when it was time to go.  Now that we are home she just loves her little brother and feels comfortable knowing I'm around.  She always checks on him in the crib, and if he's crying she tells me he's hungry.  She gets a kick out of his car seat being next to hers in the car and of course she feels the need to climb into all of the infant toys (play gym, infant seat, swing) and use his pacifier.  The funniest (though it's not super funny at the time) is when she tries to copy his cry exactly, often in the car.

Just so you're filled in on all our business I may as well mention that we closed on our first house when Louis was just four days old.  Yes, that means we moved into the house when he was four and five days old as well as had my Mom and Buck's parents come to town to meet the little fella.  The joke was on them since they had to do a lot of manual labor.  Now that Louis is two weeks old we've purchased a home, our first brand new appliances (washer and dryer), a second car and moved into our home.  Major life events covered recently: moving, buying a home, getting a new job, and having a baby.  Looks like we only missed getting married (glad we checked that off five years ago) and someone close to us dying (think healthy, safe thoughts y'all!).  Yes, I am a bit stressed but honestly I think I'd be stressed if we were just covering one of those events.  Why not take them on all at once?  I wouldn't recommend it, but it isn't as bad as you'd think...as long as you don't mind your house looking very messy for a few months.

Unpacking is slow moving, but you saw how cute Louis is so I don't need to explain why it's taking me so long.  I love my kids.  I've got two.  That's crazy.


  1. I'm so glad you've got two and enjoy them so! He looks just perfect to me!!! xox

  2. Aww YAY & Congrats to yall!!! So excited everything went well and yall are doing great! Congrats again!

  3. Noki, you are so funny! Glad you are all doing well! Louise is adorable! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations to you guys! That is one good looking baby boy! And you look gorgeous in those pictures, no one would ever believe you had just given birth. :)

  5. Congrats, guys! He sure is handsome. SO glad everything went well, although it sounds like you've definitely got your hands full with so many life changes and a new baby to boot! Hope you're still able to rest and recover and enjoy the adjustment to life with 2!