Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hookie Lau

This song has become a family favorite, thanks to my Aunt Bibi's influence.  You'd do well to learn it too.

I though this seemed fitting since Millie and I are heading out for family vacation today to meet up with these darling ladies.

Summer 2010:  Singing Millie a lullaby before her nap

It's a relief to know she still calms down for music.

Since I took this video last year, I also came across Millie's American Doll video.  You might get a kick out of it again, too.  She sure has changed a lot in one year.

Friday, July 15, 2011

You can't quit. You're the mother.

Quote from Gordon B. Hinckley and I don't even know the context.  I'm envisioning a mother stepping on a lego for the 100th time yelling "I quit" in agony.  Then a smart little boy gives that reply.  I'm sure the real context is completely different.

Seems like my "Mother of the Year" moments are becoming more frequent instead of less.
I'm not completely hopeless, I just have my moments.

Like when I forget to feed Millie breakfast until lunch time because we are running errands.  Like this morning.

Maybe when my kids are grown I'll be able to keep my head straight.
For now, enjoy my favorite part of our new place with me:

Little entry way leading to the front porch

The bright sun room, great for playing.

We're slowing getting the rest of it put together.  I'm also researching new doctors for us.  When we finally make it to the pediatrician I'll be able to tell you how Millie is doing.  From my perspective, she's doing great.

Seriously though.  Sometimes I feel like she's eating us out of house and home.  It's great.  She easily eats two large scrambled eggs and half a piece of toast for breakfast, for example.  She's talking up a storm, but is hard to understand.  She calls everyone and everything "dada," including me.  The newest word she's added to her vocabulary is "flower."  She easily climbs on and off the couches.  She attends nursery every Sunday, and loves it.  She'll give us kisses when we ask.  She only naps once a day, which I'm sad to say only lasts two hours.  She'll occasionally humor me by doing what I ask her to, like "go inside" when we are finished playing outside.  Oh, and she loves Wonder Pets.  I'll admit I get a kick out of it too.  Millie and I often have giggle fits that I just love to pieces.  She is such a happy child, and I'll never quit being her Mom.  Even if she calls me Dada.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wrapping Up Summer: Part 1

It just so happens our summer was split right down the middle this year.  The first half we spent in South Carolina, and the second half we will (mostly) spend in Connecticut.

Before I dive into the joys of our new Yankee lifestyle, why don't I catch you up?

We enjoyed Father's Day

"King For a Day" crown, colored by Millie.
We enjoyed the great outdoors in Helen, Georgia with family. 

While in Georgia, we took a quick trip to Atlanta.  We did all kinds of things there, but somehow the camera only came out for the park.

Standard Millie "pose."  This girl can move.

That brings us to Part 2!
Like everyone else, we celebrated Independence Day yesterday.
Unlike everyone else, we celebrated here in Connecticut.

Sneak peek into my kitchen.  No that mirror doesn't go there.  Yes, that's the dress Millie wore last year.

We moved in on Friday, went to church on Sunday, and by Monday we already had friends to do things with!

We went to New Cannan's Fireworks to celebrate.
Did you know that's where the Stepford Wives was filmed?  Me neither.
I must say for a public event, it was the best dressed crowd I've seen.  Not a redneck or true hoochie momma among them.

I know it's impossible to see, but Millie loved the fireworks.
So, we're here. 

We are still unpacking and decorating, but I love our new place.  I was telling Buck yesterday that I really feel like I wont the lottery.  Our new apartment is twice as big as any one we've lived in, and has nearly everything I could want.  I say nearly because I completely forgot to ask if there was air conditioning, hence Millie running around in her diaper up above.  Also there is no garbage disposal.  Ugh, I hate pulling food out of the drain.  Eww.  After I said that to him he gently reminded me we are paying an arm and a leg for our place.  Like seriously, three times as much as we've ever paid.

Once I get all set up I'll share pictures and give you a run down of our gem of a home.  It's beautiful.  Don't worry about us roasting to death either.  We're hunting for a window A/C unit (or more) but for now we sleep with a window open and have fans in a few rooms.  It's really hot here by Utah standards, but basically a spring day by South Carolina standards.

We are very slowly learning our way around our neighborhood, and have met a few very nice people.  While driving around town during our move-in the pin broke off our trailer we were towing causing the whole trailer to come off and the brake to lock down at a stoplight.  Two different men saw us struggling (and by us, I mean my grandma and Buck since I stayed put in the car...oops!), ran to where they work and brought back pin substitutes so we could get driving again.  Here I was thinking Yankees were selfish.

At church on Sunday we met lots of new people and saw some old friends from church in Utah.  Millie went to nursery for the first time.  She loved it.  I had to come out and change her diaper, and as soon as we were finished she bolted back in there barely even turning around to tell me "bye bye."  Seriously she dove in there and rolled around on the carpet.  I checked on her a few times through the window and couldn't help giggling when I saw her playing with other kids.  She even sat in a chair up to the table during snack time.  I'm just amazed.

We're here.  We're doing well.  Hopefully you'll hear from me a little more often now that life is "normal" and I have a real nook to blog in.  See, I told you my new place is great.