Monday, August 22, 2011

Twenty One Months

I haven't written about how well Millie is doing recently, so I thought I'd catch you up.  It is hard for me to believe my little Millie is almost two.

Millie is quite independent.  She even opted for the bigger rocker in her room.
Don't worry, I didn't squeeze into the little one.


She swears up and down she's ready for high-heels,

but when I pull out these beauties there is no denying her hillbilly bone.

Oh, and until we find a children's table and chairs she'll be taking her snacks on the floor.  It's just too hard to dance to Wonder Pets in her high chair.

I finally picked out a pediatrician for Millie last night.  I called today to set up an appointment, but the line was busy.  Isn't that strange?  Oh well.  I'm not in a rush, and to be honest I'm always nervous to go to the doctor and take those little quizzes on what your child can do.  I know she isn't caught up yet, but she's doing fantastic.

Millie screamed her little heart out on vacation with my family.  I am happy to say her screaming has decreased significantly.  I think it is because she learned a few more words and ways to communicate with me.  She, bless her heart, figured out how to pull on my clothes.  Isn't she an angel for just learning that?  She also uses "cracker" like its going out of style.   And whenever she hears the fridge open, she makes a mad dash to the kitchen so she can grab what she wants out of there.  I promise we aren't starving her, it just sounds like it.

This little girl is shoe obsessed.  Actually dress-up obsessed.  After a bath, she insists we put shoes on her before her diaper.  We sometimes comply.  I think she just knows her shoes are too cute to not be used all of the time.  She also insist on putting any clothing on she can.  I was a big fan of dress-up myself, so this makes my heart smile.  I think her love of jewelry goes without saying.

She weighs about 22 lbs (on our scale, diaper on) which I am okay with.  I know it sounds like we starve her, but she actually eats almost what I eat in a day so I know she's gaining what she can.  She's tall enough to touch the door handles, but not tall enough to turn them yet.

I've had the chance to sub in nursery twice, so I've gotten to see her interact with others.  I love to watch her play little games with other kids, or let them give her hugs.  She's not the hugging type for some reason.  She will occasionally carry a baby and give it kisses though.  She still chews on crayons, but what can you do in nursery?

She's doing great.  I really am proud of all her accomplishments.  I would be genuinely surprised if she was "caught up" by her 2nd birthday (Thanksgiving Day this year!), but I'm betting she isn't far from it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And We're Back!

Did you miss us?  Cramming two weeks of exotic family vacation into one post is probably a bad idea.  Here it goes:

Millie and I spent a few glorious days in Siesta Key, Florida with my family before all 20+ of us loaded up for a cruise.

Millie still loves the ocean

and Ruby loves Milie
 Millie and Nora loved Ruby's play kitchen.  Maybe Santa will bring Millie one soon?  She's already picked one out and everything.

Playing at Aunt Molly's before the cruise
 On the ship, I loved watching Millie get reacquainted with my family.
My beautiful Aunt Katie
Sweet Nora
 Since Buck couldn't come, Millie and I had a whole room to ourselves.  I just love that just-woke-up look on her.

Off the ship for a bit...

Cozumel maybe?
Back onboard we slept, 

ooh'd and ahh'd over our towel animals,
(Or tore them apart.  However you want to look at it)

Made messes for the steward to clean up,
(Which he did so well)

learned to play dress-up,

(Who can resist a hungry bum on a baby?)

Nora by the pool 
(even though we were the only ones)

Sang Dancing Queen to our heart's content,

Dressed up for a formal dinner,

Suzy sporting fake eyelashes not-so-expertly applied by me
 and enjoyed spending more time together.

We got off in Grand Cayman to snorkel and swim with the sting rays.

This included a bus ride and boat ride to the sandbar.

My camera isn't waterproof, so I didn't get any pictures with sing rays.  That's okay though.  It turns out I'm not a fan of swimming with animals.  I certainly didn't want to kiss the thing after it spit water all in my sisters face.  Yuck.

On the ride to another area to snorkel we saw this beauty:

It disappeared and we survived.  That's the last picture on the ship, too.

Back in Florida we headed over to Lido Key one day for some paddle boarding and canoeing through mangrove tree tunnels.  It was awesome.

Millie is really just happy with a pile of sand though.

Since I could write a (small) book about our vacation, I think I'll just give you a few more highlights and details.

My Mom's siblings got together and organized a cruise to surprise my grandpa for his 75th birthday.  He loves cruises and has always wanted to go on another one (they took us all on one 9 years ago) as a big family.  With the exception of Buck, my cousin Ella on a mission, and my cousin Tara plus her husband and new baby, everyone was there.  Not bad for him having five children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

One afternoon on the cruise we had a little birthday party for him.  Each person came prepared with a story to share about Rara.  We were only supposed to share one, which was so hard because of the kind of person he is.  He is fun, thoughtful, loving, and involved.  Since I lived with him for a number of years , I especially had a hard time.  I really would have liked to hear Buck tell a story about him, too.

My little cousins loved Millie to pieces, but unfortunately she hasn't figured how just how to show her love back yet.  She screamed from being overwhelmed a lot (and tired, hungry, and bored), but I promise she loves you girls!  Millie really loved all the men in my family, especially Riley and Beau.  Maybe I have a tom boy on my hands?

Oh and even though the cruise was only a week long, it only took a day or two for guests to start recognizing Nora and Millie all around the ship.  I was often asked in the elevator if that was the baby with the leash or the squeaky shoes.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but oh well.  The showgirls took to Nora after we sat on the front row of a show.  I had no idea they could really look at each person.  I feel so bad for snickering at some of the cheesiness.

Fun was had by all, but I sure wish Buck could have been there.  And Tara, Ian, Liko, and Ella.