Friday, October 26, 2012


I know what you're thinking.  How is it even possible for her to have such a darling little boy?  Well my friends, I do not know.  Man I love him.

It's probably quite obvious by my lack of blogging that being a Mother to two children is challenging for me.  I thought I'd just lay it all out there for you, just to catch you up on my life these days.

Confession 1:  It took us forever to really get down nursing.  I didn't get to nurse Millie, and Louis is quite lazy (should we say easy going?) so the first 6 weeks were challenging.  Six weeks is a long time!  He's still not a super star but he's getting fat and I'm not in pain so we're happy.

Confession 2:  Having two kids is hard.  I feel like the biggest wimp in the world admitting that.  I mean it's only two kids.  Lots of people have more, for pete's sake.  It's getting easier, don't worry.  My source of encouragement has always been my Aunt Molly telling me it was harder for her to adjust to two than it was to three.  Another huge help was getting a double stroller (thanks Dad!) that would work for our needs.  I went with this one because I shop more than I go to the zoo so I needed it to work where a cart wouldn't (those dang tiny carts at Hobby Lobby and Ross).  Now even running to the Dollar Store is a million times easier.

Millie playing on her new mattress on one of our potty training days.  She didn't wet the bed, don't worry. 

Confession 3:  We stopped potty training.  I've been dreading admitting it to the world, but I figured I'd have to eventually since I admitted we were starting on Facebook.  I put it off because I didn't want to do the off and on potty training.  I cleared a week, read up on everything, implemented everything I read about (including potty training in one day) and after five intense days of going to the bathroom every 5-15 minutes and Millie not once willingly peeing in the potty we called it quits.  She would literally squirm and hold it for 45 minutes while sitting on the potty just to avoid going.  Even after she went (from not being able to hold it any longer) and got tons of praise and treats she still never was willing to go again.  We're going to let her lead 100%.  Sure she'll be 3 next month, but it was obvious (after 5 days) that she's not ready.  Oh well.  She's happy, healthy, smart, kind, beautiful and a great big sister.

That's it for confessions.  Unless you want me to add that my house is a serious mess and still undecorated, I'm burning food more frequently and I have yet to go around and meet my neighbors.

On the plus side I get to witness beautiful moments like this instead:
Louis was crying so Millie gave him a baby and "blanket" to hold. 
 And I made Millie's Halloween costume, which she loves:
It looks better when she's standing, but she' knows how to pose like a Mermaid so this is what I got :)
I love these two children so much.  In just the last week I have watched Millie's play time mature so much.  Seeing her act out what her toys should say to each other (and sometimes she uses her hands in the car if toys aren't handy) just melts my heart.  She takes great care of Louis, sleeps wonderfully in her big girl bed, and is really understanding so much.  It's incredible to watch.

Louis is getting chunky (love) and smiles all the time.  Melts my heart.  He also sleeps really well so I'm getting a good amount of sleep at night.  He loves being held (with help) by his big sister and doesn't seem to mind her kisses either.

Ironically they are both awake now and screaming their heads off.  Music to my (well rested) ears :)

And something is burning in the oven.