Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Great Mid-West

We have made it to Geneva, IL.  We actually made it a few weeks ago, but between house hunting and visiting with my family blogging was put on the back burner.  I actually haven't even written about our vacation to Florida yet.  Maybe someday you'll hear how great Disney and Sarasota were.

I was a bit nervous to see how Millie would adjust to moving.  We have technically moved four times with her already, but she is now old enough to remember stores and people she loves.  She even recognized streets in Connecticut (like when we drive by Dad's work or when we turned on our street). She had grown particularly fond of Stew Leonard's, a fabulous grocery store full of animatronics, fresh ice cream and a few live animals out in front.  All day long she would talk about wanting to see the cow, which she is deathly afraid of when we actually go near the cow.

Thankfully we have moved to the edge of country.  We went to a pool party right after we got here, complete with scenic views of cows:

 She loved it!  She obviously loves arm floaties and goggles, too.

I mean how many times have you found yourself at a pool party surrounded by grazing cows?  I think we're going to like it here.

Our first weekend here was Geneva's Swedish Day's Festival, so we hauled everyone downtown to watch a local band, 7th Heaven.  It was great, especially because they mostly covered familiar songs.  As we were sitting there I couldn't help but reflect back on our first weekend in Connecticut watching the fireworks in New Canaan.  That was the cleanest city event full of the most well dressed people I had ever been to.  It felt like we were in a movie with a classic Big Band playing in the background, clean cut kids playing with frisbees on the beautifully manicured lawns and everyone visiting pleasantly with their neighbors.  It was great.  In stark contrast at the concert here in Geneva I actually saw tattoos, cut off shorts, large-armed women dancing passionately to the music, and men wearing socks with sandals.  It felt like home.  That is the scene we grew up with.  I'm sure if I looked hard enough I probably would have found a port-a-potty, too.

We're house hunting, and feeling some fire under our feet with this baby boy on the way.  There are very few places for rent in this area, so we are positive we are buying a place.  In the mean time we are living with my Uncle, which works out nicely because they are all off on their five week vacation.

My new doctor here is nice and smart, but I can't help being thankful for the superior care I received in Connecticut prior.  I feel confident he'll be able to care for me and deliver our baby, I'm just thankful we ironed out everything with my Doctor in Connecticut first.  I think this doctor would have done things a little differently.  The plan is for my cerclage to come out the first or second week in August.  I have read about women going into labor within 12-24 hours after that, but some still end up needing to be induced.  So that gives me a nice range of the first week in August through the second week in September to expect our baby to be born.  I'm hoping for the second week in August since my Uncle and his family will be back, and I really hope I don't go much past that.  I probably will, darn it.  I'm just so looking forward to sitting down and slouching again.

Hopefully my next post will be about our home, but I can't make any promises.  My Uncle's house sure is comfortable :)