Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby Woowis

Oh my word I love my little boy.  I don't know if its like this for everyone, or if it will be with each of my full-term children, but I fell instantly in love and attached to this sweet baby.  I'll never forget the moment I held him for the first time, quickly after birth.  That in itself was so refreshing.  He has been a very easy, happy, smart and smiley baby.  He picks up on things quickly which makes me a little nervous for the next few years, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy being his Momma.

Since we were with a big chunk of family on vacation a few weeks ago we decided to go ahead and have a birthday party for Louis.  I always joke about Louis being the heir to the throne (first male, royal name), so a "King Louie" party seemed appropriate.  Having William and Kate add Louis to Prince George's name just solidified our choice in party themes.  I knew I had good taste in names.

We celebrated 15 birthday's over those four weeks we were together, and Louis' was one of the last, so we kept his party pretty simple.  By the way, I recently got my first digital DSLR and haven't sat down to truly figure it out.  Really I need a class.  Some of these pictures are great, some could be much better.  And there are a bazillion of them.  Sorry :)

We went with simple decorations and copycat Portillos chocolate cake (and smash cake)

The King himself

Pin the crown on the King

Make your own crown (or tiara)

Sporting the pre-made gold crowns
The family

Singing and "smashing" the cake didn't go over so well with him.

After the cake we headed to the beach to send off 20 Chinese sky lanterns like in Tangled.  We only managed to send one off.  Now we have 19 more to do another day!

The cake was a big hit with Louis and Millie the next morning.  Seems our little King was just too sleepy to party.

Love this little boy so much.  I'm so lucky I get to be his Mom.  Have I mentioned he gives squeezes now?  It's wonderful.

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  1. What a fun party! You are always so creative! And, such a fun idea to do Chinese sky lanterns.