Saturday, July 5, 2014

May (School's Out and Thriftcation)

May seems like forever ago. It was a lovely, mostly warm month for us. We enjoyed starting to really play outside, sometimes even in the water. We went to our first primary activity! There was a primary day at the Chicago Temple. The temple is really unique looking, and has a very interesting water fountain in the front that both of our children couldn't get enough of. It was a lovely Saturday family outing.

(Millie took this of Buck and I)
Millie attended her last day of school. This is her with Miss Kathy, her bus driver. Miss Kathy is also a local artist and does some really neat work. You can find her site here if you want to see what I mean. She has been a fabulous, patient and loving bus driver. Millie fought going to school a few times, but she was able to calm her down and occupy her mind with made up stories about Miss Kathy's cat, Pumpkin. We really appreciate her.

Millie also finished a gymnastics class she had been taking. She didn't love it like she loved dance, so I think that's the end of her gymnastics road for now. I think it's right down Louis' alley though...until he can really get into sports. He jumps off of everything he can, and will throw his head down for a somersault so quickly to impress people. He also feels best having a ball in his hands and often takes one to bed with him.

I took a trip I had been dreaming about with my friends in May. We went to Madison, Wisconsin for a Thriftcation. It was such a beautiful, clean, delicious town full of well stocked thrift stores. We had an absolute blast shopping, eating, and even jumping on the hotel beds. We started planning this trip to help get us through the winter, but by the time it came around it ended up being a farewell for one of my good friends, too. So it was bittersweet, but wonderful.

(Delicious breakfast)

( you haven't truly thrifted until you've been to a dig-n-save)

Of course I need to brag about some of my finds!
(Vintage books)
(Lonely Kokeshi with umbrella)
(The grand old milk container for $6!)

I also collected lots of vintage linens and clothing. My heart skipped a beat paying a few cents for each piece at the dig-n-save.

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